Violin Making in Kent

Cello scroll by Philippe Briand 2010

Cello scroll by Philippe Briand 2010

Through working with instruments dating back to the 18th century I have studied many different schools of violin making which I use in the design of my instruments.

I favour the Italian school of making but also have a soft spot for the British school, especially in relation to cellos.

When designing a personal model I use a method based on interconnecting circles and general proportions which the Cremonese makers may have used (as little information has survived regarding the methods of drawing of the great makers of

Viola by Philippe Briand 2013

Viola by Philippe Briand 2013

the 18th century we can only speculate as to how they created and designed their models).

I make all instruments of the quartet as well as doublebasses and can tailor an instrument to the morphology of the player (there is nothing worse than an instrument that is uncomfortable or too big for you).

I favour playability and good tone production and only

use the best materials in the construction and set up of my instruments.

philippe briand violin front

Philippe Briand violin front

I make my own oil varnish which is a combination of cooked linseed oil and colophony rosin.

‚ÄčIf you are interested in commissioning an instrument from me please contact me and we can discuss what would be best suited to you.