Violin Maker & Restorer, Canterbury


Specialist music shop, Luthier, Violin repairer,Musical instrument Restorer or Violin Maker, what I do has many names but mostly I provide repairs, sound adjustments and instruments (old and new) as well as bows.

I am an alternative to the general music shops in the area that  provide a more superficial approach to the instruments of the quartet. Adjusting a violin,  a viola, a cello or a bass requires knowledge, experience and skill and this is exactly what I provide to musicians in and around Canterbury.

I offer a free assessment service for repairs.

Bow repairs and rehairing service

I use one of the best available Siberian and Mongolian horsehair for my rehairs. Repairs include new tip, new lining, new grip (thumb-leather)…

I can offer advice on how to improve your instrument or, should you wish to upgrade to a better one, I sell reliable, thoroughly restored and professionally set up antique instruments as well as new ones.

I also offer for sale instruments in the lower price bracket (individually or as outfits with bag and bow) to suit beginners willing to take on the violin, viola or the cello. Please inquire through the contact form or call me (Philippe) on 07528 108 185 for information and availability.

I have a small pool of instruments for rental too which can be an advantageous way to get children through the grades as they are growing fast and generally outgrowing their instrument even faster… Rather than deal with the buying, upkeep and ultimately reselling of a small size instrument, renting one of my specially set up instruments can be the way forward, especially since badly set up instruments invariably lead to hand pain and frustration in player which in turn is the best way to get them to give up altogether.

Please inquire for rental instrument as I have limited availability.

For more information on current activity follow the Facebook link, there are plenty of pictures of recent work and repairs.

Appointments only please, thank you.

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